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How long does it take to deliver the marble, granite or stone products if in stock?

The typology of our natural shipping shipping services for products in stock may be categorised as follows:

  • Stone Critical Shipping: due to the client's urgency, the order is processed straightaway and the natural stone are packaged to be ready to leave our warehouse as soon as possible, by finding the best available flight or other means of transportation.
  • Express Shipping: this is fastest way of shipping our marble, stone and granites. Depending on the destination, the shipping may take 2-3 business days starting from the moment when the products are taken by the courier.
  • Standard Shipping: we also offer standard economic express shipping services for our natural stones. The process may take up to 5 business days, but nonetheless we guarantee the tracking and insurance of the shipment, if required by the client.
  • Cargo Shipping: for large orders of marbles, granites or stones or orders that may not necessitate express shipping, CO. MARMI can arrange cargo ocean deliveries, either to the customer port or directly to the factory.
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