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CO. MARMI Natural Stone Catalogue - Artistic Mosaics

The mosaics, rigorously handmade by our experienced Italian artisans, are composed in Venetian enamel, which is a colored glass, particularly shiny and bright, capable of ensuring a wide range of colors, even up to several hundreds (much more than the narrower choice given by the glass paste). The mosaic is glued on a areolam panel, a specific structure consisting of an upper and lower level of fiber glass divided by an aluminum alveolar septum. The mosaic, thus lightweight yet rigid and durable, is shipped by CO. MARMI, ready to be layed on floorings or walls (not to be exposed to freezing climates), with a total thickness between 1.5 and 2 cm, which depends on the planar extension of the mosaic itself.

Artistic Mosaics

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